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Date Description
07/04/2024 Nine (9) new monster tasks have been added to NPC Taskman Robi.
07/04/2024 Loot drop of creatures Dawnfire Asura and Midnight Asura has been increased in a 35%. Also, damage of both creatures has been increased in a 15%.
26/03/2024 HP of creature Elven Fanatic has been increased from 11,700 to 16,000, aswell yielded experience points increased from 14,000 to 20,000, also this creature is more faster and deals 15% more damage.
26/03/2024 HP of creature Wolf Cult Follower has been decreased from 12,560 to 10,000 hitpoints, aswell yielded experience decreased from 21,000 to 16,000, also this creature is more faster.
26/03/2024 HP of creature Wolf Cult Knight has been increased from 18,777 to 20,000 hitpoints, aswell yielded experience increased from 23,734 to 26,000, also this creature is more faster and deals 20% more damage.
25/03/2024 Bosses found in Boss Dome are now dropping loot.
25/03/2024 A new amulet shop has been added eastern Loney City.
25/03/2024 Elemental amulets (Magma, Glacier, Lightning and Terra) are no longer infinite and their charges has been adjusted along with Garlic Necklace.
25/03/2024 Fixed a map bug in Nafi's Arch Mission quest reward room.
24/03/2024 Fixed a map bug in Nafi's Draken quest reward room.
24/03/2024 Firewalker Boots regeneration decreased in a 75%, they now regenerate 65 MP and HP every 2 seconds, speed bonus removed and fire protection decreased from 35% to 20%.
24/03/2024 Attributes for Lizard Boots have been modified. (10% earth protection reduced to 3%, 5% fire protection reduced to 3%, speed bonus removed, armor reduced from 5 to 3, -2% ice protection replaced with +2% physical protection).
21/03/2024 Paladin spell "Divine Ring" has been replaced with newest one "Divine Grenade" which words is: exevo mort san, see !spells for more information. A new Paladin spell has been added "Master Divine Healing" with words: exura gran san. Formula for Divine Caldera spell has been reworked.
27/05/2023 We have reworked the way monsters behave while fighting a player; they now respond faster.
19/02/2023 Quests where a certain number of players is required have been reworked; from today, this requirement has been abolished, this means that players can enter any quest solo if they want, or even with a 2, 3, etc man team.
16/12/2022 Loot drop in Mould Caves creatures has been increased by a 20%.
14/12/2022 Yielded XP points in Grenoble Mines has been sightly lowered. Loot drop of Grenoble Mines creatures has been increased.
01/11/2022 NPC Ernesto The Mage now buys many rods.
26/10/2022 NPC Luterk now buys many wands.
24/10/2022 Valuable loot-drops of Exile creatures has been reduced considerably.
24/10/2022 Fire protection for Firewalker Boots has been reduced from 50% to 35%. Thunder Boots now grants energy and death protection.
18/10/2022 Added 5-minute cooldown for Magic Milkshakes and Carrot Meatcakes.
09/09/2022 Max character speed has been increased from 1500 to 2800.
03/08/2022 Fixed shoot and area effects for monsters Exile Paladin & Exile Assassinator.
31/07/2022 Updated World Map page.
31/07/2022 Fixed minor map-aesthetic bugs and update corrections.
27/07/2022 Added new command !report. Please use it only to report abusive behaviors, bug reporting or bug abuse.
27/07/2022 Brachiodemons can not longer paralyze the target.
27/07/2022 Fixed a problem with Revenant Forest ticket, it will now last one hour instead of forever.
27/07/2022 Demonic Slippers are not longer a symbolic item and now has 2 arm and +3% death protection.
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