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Date Description
27/05/2023 We have reworked the way monsters behave while fighting a player; they now respond faster.
19/02/2023 Quests where a certain number of players is required have been reworked; from today, this requirement has been abolished, this means that players can enter any quest solo if they want, or even with a 2, 3, etc man team.
16/12/2022 Loot drop in Mould Caves creatures has been increased by a 20%.
14/12/2022 Yielded XP points in Grenoble Mines has been sightly lowered. Loot drop of Grenoble Mines creatures has been increased.
01/11/2022 NPC Ernesto The Mage now buys many rods.
26/10/2022 NPC Luterk now buys many wands.
24/10/2022 Valuable loot-drops of Exile creatures has been reduced considerably.
24/10/2022 Fire protection for Firewalker Boots has been reduced from 50% to 35%. Thunder Boots now grants energy and death protection.
18/10/2022 Added 5-minute cooldown for Magic Milkshakes and Carrot Meatcakes.
09/09/2022 Max character speed has been increased from 1500 to 2800.
03/08/2022 Fixed shoot and area effects for monsters Exile Paladin & Exile Assassinator.
31/07/2022 Updated World Map page.
31/07/2022 Fixed minor map-aesthetic bugs and update corrections.
27/07/2022 Added new command !report. Please use it only to report abusive behaviors, bug reporting or bug abuse.
27/07/2022 Brachiodemons can not longer paralyze the target.
27/07/2022 Fixed a problem with Revenant Forest ticket, it will now last one hour instead of forever.
27/07/2022 Demonic Slippers are not longer a symbolic item and now has 2 arm and +3% death protection.
24/07/2022 HP pool of boss Sentry Lord has been reduced by a 49%
19/07/2022 Physical damage mage staffs and sceptres has been reduced by a 30%.
30/06/2022 The maximum permition of open clients at the same time has been limited to 4 per network.
28/05/2022 Premium Account price both in-game and webshop has been cut by a -50%. On website 1 year now costs 400 points, 120 days now costs 150 points, 60 days now costs 80 points, 30 days now costs 45 points and 15 days now costs 25 points. At NPC Ginale in-game 30 days now costs 4,000,000 gp (400 cc), 15 days now costs 2,000,000 gp (200 cc) and 7 days now costs 975,000 gp (97.5cc).
28/05/2022 Wild Growth spell cooldown has been increased from 1 to 3 seconds. Magic Growth spell cooldown has been fixed to 3 seconds.
25/04/2022 XP Boost Fluid duration has been increased from 1 hour to 2 hours, also in-game price has been increased from 1 million gp to 3 million gp, aswell it has been affected the same way at our gift page.
11/02/2022 Added new command !exp - Casting this will tell you with exactitude how many experience points you actual have (this because after reaching certain limits, client may not show precise information).
22/01/2022 Death penalty for XP & skill points has been decreased by a 60%.
17/01/2022 Strong Mana Potions are now usable by Knights. Great Mana Potions are now usable by Paladins. Strong Mana Potion now requires level 100, Great Mana Potion now requires level 200, Ultimate Mana Potion now requires level 300.
17/01/2022 Nerfed damage and experience points of creatures Grave Colossus & Grave Guardian.
14/01/2022 Ultimate Mana Potions added to the game. They're obtainable in Magic Shops. Only usable by sorcerers and druids of level 160 or higher.
29/12/2021 Updated World Map page.
15/11/2021 The exhaust of the spells: Hell's Core, Death Core, Eternal Winter, Eternal Poison, Rage Of The Skies & Divine Caldera has been increased from 2 to 4 seconds. Berserk & Fierce Berserk exhaustion also has been increased from 2 to 3 seconds. Revised and improved Avalanche and Great Fireball formulas.
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