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Welcome to Loney

Status: ONLINE
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Loney Rules   

Read these carefully.

1) Spamming: You cannot flood our game channels with spam. You may get a warning for this.

2) Advertising: You cannot discuss in public about another Open Tibia server. You cannot advertise another Open Tibia server or share their information. This will get your IP and account banned.

3) Bugs/Game Vulnerabilty: You are not permited to exploit bugs. Exploiting bugs will cause instant account deletion. If you find a bug, you can report it via here and you may get compensated for reporting it. If you get caught performing an action that causes anormal activity on the server (using cheats to try to lag the server, network attack, etc., you will get an instant account deletion and IP ban.

4) Game cheats: Altough anti-bot measures ain't implemented and the use of an external bot to play is not prohibited; we take no responsabilities in situations caused by botting (ex. Cavebot Dead, Fragging unintentionally, etc). Also, we will not provide links or support regarding any kind of Tibia Bot.

5) Sharing: It is permitted to share your account, but we take no responsabilities if you get stoled by premium points, items, etc.

6) Hacking: Hacking is not allowed. If is proven that you managed to use illegal software in order to steal another player account information, you will get banned for a long time.

7) Impersonating a staff member: If you get caught impersonating a Loney staff member, you will get banned.

8) Game order: As members of Loney staff, we don't want to interfere in player-gameplay. By that means, that we are not going to *unblock traps, *kick players, or *remove items in order to get through an area or find a character. We will not give players clues about quests or zones.

* only if is needed cause a server-side bug

9) Account Security: As members of Loney staff, we provide you security tools and information to keep your account protected: Generation of Recovery Key, Lost Account Interface & e-mail registration. By that means that we take zero responsabilities if someone manages to hack your account by installing a virus onto you PC in order to get your account information, or glitching you. As stated in Rule 6), if we can prove the hacker has an active account in Loney, he will be banned. We will not return any level/items/points loss caused by this; Keep your account secure is your responsability, ours is provide you the tools.

10) Defamation: Defamate a staff member will get you banned for many months, we will not tolerate defamation to the server since it causes so many bad effects to Loney. If you want to report something, you should do it via private to our team with solid evidence such as videos or photos. Affirming that we did something or benefited somebody without evidence when the reality is different will get you banned, no matter who you are.


Rules may be changed at any time. Rule changes will be announced in our Changelog.
Last review: March 30, 2021

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