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Date Description
13/11/2021 Conjuring enabled, now you can enchant weapons or make runes with default conjuring spells.
08/11/2021 Cost of Sudden Death, Ultimate Healing Runes and Normal, Strong, Great Mana Potions and Spirit Potions has been increased.
31/10/2021 Blessings now cost 80,000 gp instead of 50,000 gp. Introduced new Blessing Liquid for new players.
31/10/2021 Fixed a problem with Shared Experience, it should work as intended now.
06/10/2021 Now you can purchase from NPCs and use !bless & !aol commands with your Bank balance.
05/10/2021 Bank System enabled, now you can make bank transactions with NPC Nimrod in Loney.
26/09/2021 Great Spirit Potions are now available in our Magic Shops.
16/09/2021 PATCH NOTES: Loney central revamped, Urbera fully revamped, new NPCs around the map, new areas in Urbera, aesthetic details changed/revamped around the map.
12/09/2021 Added Census page
22/08/2021 Added new huntground located in southern Velem (for level 800 and higher).
17/08/2021 Most quest bosses are now significantly strong.
01/07/2021 NPC Helper now sells Frag (Skull) Removers.
01/07/2021 Minor vocations rework: Slightly increased the healing of all types of mana potions. Slightly increased the physical damage and attack speed for Sorcerers and Druids. Revised Ultimate Healing Rune & Divine Healing formulas, the formula now it is based more in level than magic level. Slightly decreased the melee power of Paladins.
12/06/2021 Loot Rate from monsters has been decreased.
27/05/2021 NEW CLIENT PATCH: New client files are now available to download. You will need to download these files to be able to play Loney from May 31 onwards.
23/05/2021 NPC Franchise now sells (instead of buy) Stone Skin Amulets for 5,000 gold coins each.
23/05/2021 Vocations review: sightly decreased the power of the Paladins and sightly increased the power of the Knights & Mages.
10/05/2021 Increased the power of the Sudden Death Runes. Added more items to furniture NPC Danielle.
01/05/2021 Decreased physical protection for certain items.
14/04/2021 Updated World Map page.
08/04/2021 Added more creatures to the Boosted Monsters list.
30/03/2021 Modification to the game rules.
26/02/2021 NEW CLIENT PATCH: Please download our latest client files in Downloads page (v1.2).
18/02/2021 Boosted Creatures: everyday, there will be 2 different creatures that will yield 2X EXP. You should see those creatures on login.
07/02/2021 Added Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Small template changes.
07/02/2021 All rare quest items obtained by players by unfinished/buggy quests has been removed from the game. To obtain these items you need to do the fully working quests again.
02/02/2021 Modification to the game rules.
29/01/2021 New spells for Druids & Sorcerers: Eternal Poison and Death Core, type command !spells for more information.
28/01/2021 More changes for Paladin weapons: Earth, Flash & Shiver Arrows now deals elemental damage. Hit Chance has been lowered also.
24/01/2021 Assassin Stars have been added to the game. These weapons has the same power as an Infernal Bolt, the difference is you can wear a shield while using them and they have chance to break. You can get them in our Archer's NPC Kendrick.
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