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Quest Location Level Reward
Plains Of Havoc
Eastern Loneyland -
Knight Legs
Demon Helmet Quest
Northern Loney 80
Demon Helmet & Steel Boots
Pits Of Inferno
Darfur Mountains 85
Avenger or Arbalest or Loney Staff (only 1) 
Northern Loney 100
Thunder Hammer or Demon Armor 
or Magic Sword or Stonecutter Axe
r Infernal Bolt (only 1)


The Orshabaal
Darfur Caves 90
Great Shield
The Morgaroth
Darfur 90
Magic Plate Armor
Banshee Tomb
Darfur 90
Golden Legs
The Calamity
Orc Mountain 150
Calamity Helmet
Demon Lord Maze
Northern Loney 170
Demon Coat
Titan Battleground
Behemoth City (Southern Maryland) 180
The Ironworker
Chakoyas Caves
Snowland 200
Frozen Shield
Minotaur Catacombs
Darfur Catacombs 200
Sandstone Crossbow and Blue Legs
Northern Urbera 350
Ghastly Staff
Northern Urbera 235
Devotion Bolter or Devotion Axe 
or Devotion Blade or Devotion Mace (only 1)
Hellhound Chambers
Northern Urbera 400
Warsinger Bow and Hellhound Coat
Plasma Quest
Southern Darfur 250
Plasma Boots and Plasma Armor
Eastern Urbera 150
Spellbook Of Lost Energy
Ghazbaran Room
Loney mountains 150
Magic Plate Boots
Blessed Tower
Loneyland (east) 100
Golden Staff
Water Catacombs
Loneyland (east) 200
Ocean Armor
South Loney 75
Paladin Armor
Dark Cathedral
Western Maryland 280
The Epiphany and Winged Helmet
Orc Lake
Orc Mountain 200
Molten Plate
Assassin King
Udrok 400
Blessed Fate Wristguard or Shield of Corruption
(only 1)
Maryland 175
Demon Legs
Ferumbras Tower
Northern Maryland 200
Archer Armor
Eastern Loney 300
Poison Hat
Hellgorak Inferno
Loney 225
Blessed Crossbow
Draken Room
Nafi 350
Lizard Boots
Ghastly Island
Nafi 400
Ghastly Armor
Elven Island (Nafi) 300
Necromantic Hornbow
Frost Hell
Nafi Frost Mountains 400
Frozen Blade or Frozen Axe 
or Frozen Basher or Shiver Arrow (only 1)
Arch Mission
Nafi 250
Mexcalibur or Arch Axe or Obsidian Truncheon 
or Flash Arrow or Blaze Staff (only 1)
Nafi 380
Spellscroll Of Shadows
Elven Quest
Udrok 250
Spellbook of Lost Souls and Red Elven Robe
Ghost Deeps
Ghost Port 444
Titan Legs or Ghastly Legs (only 1)
Elvish Island
Udrok Elvish Island 450
Elvish Mask or Blessed Elvish Cloak 
or Elvish Leg Piece or Fiery Elvish Shield 
(only 1) 
and Sentry Blade, Royal Axe, 
Onyx Flail, Elvish Bow 
or Elvish Staff (only 1)
Royal Hunting
Nafi 500
Royal Scale Robe
Ab'Dendriel 500
Horned Helmet or Abomination Cloak (only 1)
Karachian Hope
Karach 555
Bolter of the Resigned or Sphynx Sceptre (only 1)
and Insanity Morphing Helmet
Infernal Hell
Nafi Deeps 600
Infernal Corrupted Blade, Deathstar Axe
or Infernal Demon Crusher (only 1)


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